When all possibilities are emptied, it may be time to bring a case to court. Our attorneys have audience before all courts including the Supreme Court as well as have the knowledge of the special circumstances in evidence when engaging in litigation or arbitration no matter how simple or complicated the matter is, or cases involving one or more parties.

We conduct litigation in various Courts in India pertaining to civil, criminal, IP and Corporate matters. We have a team of lawyers having expertise to conduct complex and huge litigation and Arbitration matters in India.

IN CIVIL MATTERS, we handles civil and recovery suits, property related matters, stay and injunction, family disputes, Will, Motor Accidents, Consumer and Arbitration related Cases. IN CRIMINAL MATTERS, we handles criminal writs and other writs for quashing of FIR, bail matters in the Hon'ble high Court of Delhi and the lower courts, matters relating to crime against women and maintenance, private complaints to Magistrate such as complaints for cheating, fraud, breach of trust, defamation etc, accidental cases, cases pertaining to dishonor of cheques. IN CORPORATE LITIGATION MATTERS, we handles Company law board, Winding up petition, Bankruptcy proceedings, Shareholders dispute, Merger Petitions and approval, etc. IN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RELATED MATTERS, we handles Patent/ Trademark Infringement, Piracy, Copyrights, Raids, Civil Injunctions, Investigations, etc. The lawyers in the firm appear before Supreme Court of India, High Court of Delhi, all the lower Courts of Delhi, National, State and District Consumer Courts of Delhi, Chandigarh etc., labor tribunals, Debt Recovery Tribunal, RBI, ROC etc.

In cooperation with the client, we choose the right strategy and make sure that the client has a good grasp of the case as well as the financial circumstances of the case. We give advice as to the challenges in the case regarding proof and the kind of litigation risk the case has.

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