Intellectual Property


Global Patent Search & Opinion

  • Prior-Art/ Patentability Searches from popular search engines and patent databases and legal opinion thereto
  • Patent Opinion
  • Landscaping, invalidity and infringement studies
  • Claims mapping study
  • Freedom of use of study (FTO)
  • Proof Reading

Patent Drafting and Filing

  • Drafting / Preparation of Patent applications in the area of biotech, pharma, electronics, software, mechanical and chemical related inventions
  • Patent filing in India, PCT Filing and Patent Prosecution and Response to Office Actions
  • Indian National Phase Filing: Convention or PCT patents prosecution

IP Protection and Enforcement

  • Patent/ IP Valuation and Commercialization
  • Patent Enforcement and Litigation
  • Patent infringement suits in various courts in India
  • Support for Patent Infringement cases worldwide

Training (Patent Agent Examination)


We assist business entities into protecting their logos, brand name, design, symbol, phrase, USP line, trademarks. We focus exclusively on protection of new ideas and business identities.

  • International/ Indian Trademark Search and Report
  • Filing, Registration and Renewal of trade/service marks in India & International Worldwide
  • Trademark Prosecution in India - Infringement and Passing-off action
  • License and Agreements
  • Counterfeit Product Investigation/Seizure


A design patent only protects ornamentation or aesthetical looks of a product. Any enhancement of a utility in the product cannot be protected by way of a design patent registration.

  • Drafting/ Preparation of Design applications in all the areas
  • Registration/ Renewal of Design application
  • Prosecution – Infringement Action


The principal purpose of copyright is to protect expression of thoughts and ideas. Copyright protects ' literary and artistic works' and includes every production in the literary, scientific and artistic domain, whatever may be the mode or form of expression. The expressions 'literary and artistic works' includes arts, writings, music, paintings and sculptures, softwares, etc and includes every original work of authorship.

  • Copyright registration in India
  • Carry Anti Piracy Action, Piracy investigations
  • Copyright filings and Piracy.

Other Areas :

  • IP License agreements
  • Assisting clients in obtaining and protecting domain names
  • Trade secrets

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