We provide counseling by delivering high quality services like civil cases services, criminal cases services etc. with utmost secrecy and confidentiality of our client's information. Our aim is to provide accurate, authentic advice to our clients who seek our help.

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Civil Law

We offer our clients with accurate state and civil matters.

Service Features :

  • Extensive experience in litigation matters in High Court, District Court, Consumer Courts & Tribunals
  • In depth knowledge in diverse areas of law including contracts, corporate law, property law, consumer law, inheritance, arbitration, succession, taxation law.
  • Expertise in documentation as well as in the preparation of deeds & documents.

Civil Litigation involves all legal issues that can be dealt with in a civil court.

Our practice areas include:

Property Law

  1. Sale and purchase agreements relating to property matters
  2. Matters relating to lease, charges and mortgages of property
  3. Registration of documents.
  4. Disputes relating to sale of immovable property.
  5. Matters related to exchange, gifts, actionable claims.

Contract Law

  1. Disputes relating to breach and non performance of Contracts.
  2. Specific performance of contracts
  3. Matters relating to fraud ,mistake and cheating
  4. Matters relating to recovery of debts, cheque bouncing etc.
  5. Matters related to Indemnity and guarantee.
  6. Matters relating to bailment and pledge
  7. Matters relating to Agency-Effect of contract on matters of agency
  8. Sale of goods
  9. Partnership
    • Registration of partnership firms
    • Incoming and outgoing partners
    • Relation of partners
  10. Consumer protection.
  11. Contempt of Courts
  12. Easements
  13. Foreigners Act
  14. Land acquisition etc
  15. Power of attorney
  16. Matters Pertaining to successions and trusts

Other Areas

  • Business Torts/ Disputes, Real Estate, Buy/Sell Agreements, Commercial Litigation
  • Injunctions, Insolvency etc.

Criminal Law

We have the skill and experience in dealing with all criminal charges ranging from minor to aggravated charges. Our criminal lawyers can help you in resolving a charge against you or a loved one.

We provide counseling for suspects and accused persons in all kinds of criminal actions and vigorously defend our clients against all charges including.

  1. Matters related to Negotiable instruments
  2. Matters related to Dowry prohibition.
  3. Offences under Indian Penal Code
  4. Offences under Domestic violence act
  5. Offences relating to Arms act
  6. Matters relating to bail
  7. Criminal Contempt
  8. Matters relating to pollution- Air, water and environment
  9. Matters relating to Public premises Eviction of Un authorized Occupants.
  10. Defamation – slander- libel
  11. Matters related to fraud, cheating
  12. Offences relating to documents and against property marks
  13. Criminal breach of contract of service, criminal intimidation, insult, annoyance etc.
  14. Offences affecting public health , human body and decency

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